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Virtual tour in Steingraeber Haus and workshops

Let us guide you through our Steingraeber House and workshops and enjoy Chopin's music: F. Chopin, 2nd piano concert op. 21 for 2 pianos by Chopin/secondo Jules Fontana, Cyprien Katsaris playing 2 Steingraeber & Söhne concert grands E-272.

Guided workshop tours: monthly, every first Thursday at 4 pm. During the Bayreuth Festival weekly every Thursday.


Music Schools Congress 2015 in Münster 

In May 2015, Steingraeber & Söhne exhibited during a Music Schools Congress in Münster, Germany. They showed a semi concert grand D-232 with Sordino and Mozart-Rail, and e.g. a upright piano for wheelchair users - a very important topic for music schools to be able to offer lessons to everybody.


Musikmesse 2014: Steingraeber News 

A crew of 10 Steingraeber staff members welcomed the Musikmesse visitors at the Steingraeber booth -- they showed a complete range of piano models offered by the traditional family-run company, grand pianos from A-170 to E-272 and uprights from 122 to 138. The Steingraeber News "Mozart Rail" and "Sordino" as well as the world's lightest concert grand lid were of high interest for all visitors.

Subtitle available by clicking the corresponding button in the video.


Highlights with the D-232 at Konstakademien Stockholm

In Stockholm, Sweden, a piano provides highlights on a regular basis: a Steingraeber & Söhne semi concert grand D-232.


3 Parsifal bells for Richard Wagner

Comparison of 3 Parsifal Bells: The Parsifal Bells Piano by Ed. Steingraeber (1882) and Steingraeber's Parsifal Bells made in 1914 and 1926.


Tarantella: Robin Sutherland in San Francisco

Robin Sutherland and Nicholas Pavkovic playing "Tarantella" in San Francisco, USA.


Steingraeber & Söhne TV-Broadcast

TV-production by the german broadcaster Bayerischer Rundfunk


World Dealers Day 2013

During the 2013 Wagner Anniversary, 100 piano specialists from three continents met on Steingraeber's World Dealers Day for an exclusive, behind the scenes look at the Steingraeber factory.


Spaces.Structures.Changes by Laura Konjetzky - Live Trailer


The Beatles - Greatest Hits

Bernhard Wetz and Christina Becht playing The Beatles' Greatest Hits - 16th/17th July 2013 in Steingraeber House Bayreuth


Liszt Immortel

Pascal Gallet et al. at the Liszt Grand, Rococo Room in Steingraeber House Bayreuth


Vivaldi - Vier Jahreszeiten

Ferhan & Ferzan Önder, Cyprien Katsaris, Janis Vakarelis: Concert for 4 pianos, 24 of July 2012 - Bayreuth Town Hall

Franz Liszt's - Csardas Obstiné

Cyprien Katsaris playing his own arrangement - 24th of July 2008 at Margravial Opera House Bayreuth 

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Production: Etage-Music

Franz Liszt's - La Lugubre Gondola

Concert with Alain Roudier at Steingraeber Opus 1 and Nicolas Deletaille with cello - 21st February 2011 in Bayreuth

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