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Steingraeber exclusiv supporter of Oberstdorfer Musiksommer

1The piano company Steingraeber & Söhne together with kontrapunkt Munich exclusively supports the festival Oberstdorfer Musiksommer 2015.

7 grand pianos and 2 upright pianos will enrich the festival from July 30 until August 15. Find more at


Piano workshop in Torino

1The family business Bergamini invites everybody to a 2 day piano workshop in Torino, Italy, June 27-28. The seminar is called "Pianofuturo - innovazione e didattica".

The pianists Massimiliano Génot, Jura Margulis and Roberto Cappello will present especially the Steingraeber & Söhne grand D-232 with Sordino.

An exciting semiar with concerts, cost-free entrance.

1Download flyer 


Wagner’s Parsifal bells created anew

1Piano manufacturer Steingraeber builds a replica of this historic instrument that is ready to launch in Bayreuth.

Richard Wagner had supernatural, strange sounds in mind as a leitmotif for the Temple of the Grail in his “Bühnenweihfestspiel” (Festival Play for the Consecration of the Stage), Parsifal, and he required a new instrument to produce them. He called it “Grail bells.” The motif of the Grail in the first and third acts of Parsifal originates in the deepest bass register and is designed to invoke a sacred trembling in the listener. The powerful, bell-like notes lie at almost impossible depths: C - G1 - A1 - E1. Piano manufacturer Steingraeber has now built a replica of this historic instrument, and it is ready to launch in Bayreuth. More... 


Piano 138 K at "Ufa-Filmnacht" in Berlin 

1Goecke und Farenholtz support the "Filmnacht" in Berlin-Mitte. 

The Ufa-Filmnacht with the Movie Orchestra Babelsberg will take place in August 20th. Upright piano 138 K will perform there, too. We want to thank our dealer in Berlin, Goecke und Farenholtz


Int. Piano Competition in Italy... with D-232 Sordino

1In the Italian city Corno Ciovine the "Concorso Pianistico Internazionale" will take place June 6 and 7. A special grand piano will be played: the Steingraeber grand D-232 with Sordino

We would like to thank Mr. Guido Scano for organisating the competition, and of course our dealer in Torino, Pianoforti Bergamini, for supporting the competition.

Download flyer (pdf, 0,6 MB)



Steingraeber and kontrapunkt support the german festival "Festwoche AlpenKlassik"

1During the festival week there will be a lot of concerts in Bad Reichenhall in August, 22nd-29th. Steingraeber & Söhne rents a lot of grand pianos and, thus, enriches the festival sound.

We would like to thank our dealer in Munich, Klavierwerkstatt kontrapunkt, for supporting the festival.

Please find more informationen at


Congratulations, Max Reinhardt Seminar, Vienna...


... for your acquisition of a new Steingraeber & Söhne upright piano 122 T! It is an honor for us. We wish you a lot of joy with your piano! 

For more information about the seminar, please visit




Students from the HMCollege in Amsterdam, NL, were our guests in Steingraeber Haus in February 2015. This was part of their education to become piano technicians. 

Our technicians Alexander and Vincent showed the Steingraeber specifications and answered all questions. Staff member Martina did a guided tour through Bayreuth city.

We like the amazing atmosphere within your group! We wish you the best!


Jazzed About 1st Annual American Jazz Pianist Competition 

1Emmet Cohen wins new American Jazz Pianist Competition in Florida – all finalist play Steingraeber grand piano

News is spreading internationally about the world’s newest Jazz pianist competition. The American Jazz Pianist Competition (AJPC) finals occurred on the evening of November 2nd, 2014 in Melbourne, Florida. Ten highly talented pianists were chosen by a panel of judges to compete for a prize valued at over $10,000. Sponsors of the competition included three of the most respected piano manufacturers; Yamaha, Bösendorfer and Steingraeber. The semi-finalists, and the finalists, performed on a Steingraeber concert grand piano from Bayreuth, Germany.

Emmet Cohen, US native and New York City resident was announced the winner of the American Jazz Pianist Competition.

1More info...

1Please see the press release of AJPC here...


New video available: guided tour through Steingraeber House

1The guided tours through Steingraeber House and the workshops are very popular. For people who want to remember their last visit or for whom are not able to visit Bayreuth, Steingraeber created a video of a guided tour.

The video goes along with great piano music performed by Cyprien Katsaris on 2 E-272 concert grands. See the video here...    

Or do you want to navigate yourself through Steingraeber House? Then please try our virtual tour with many 360° photos.


The Sordino: a revival of an old tonality

A project of Prof. Jura Margulis und Steingraeber & Söhne Bayreuth

1Steingraeber & Söhne now offers a revival of an old tonality. Jura Margulis, a German-American pianist of Russian extraction, was the catalyst who inspired Steingraeber & Söhne to seize upon this late eighteenth century concept and install it in a modern D-232 grand piano. He used this sound enhancer on his new Schubert CD which will be presented by Steingraeber and Margulis at Musikmesse.

The Sordino function can be released in different ways up to every each pianist, e. g. in a forth pedal, as kneelever or in the middle pedal, rendering the sostenuto pedal temporarily inoperative, as Jura Margulis designed it.. Read more...  


Florida International Piano Competition Announces Steingraeber as its Official Piano

The Florida International Piano Competition (FIPC) recently announced a new partnership with Melbourne’s Atlantic Music Center to make the acclaimed Steingraeber piano the official piano of the FIPC.

1Steingraeber pianos will be featured at FIPC events and concerts, including the highly anticipated 3rd Florida International Piano Competition, slated for January 2015, and beginning with Leonidas Lipovetsky’s “The Complete Beethoven Sonatas,” Series III concert, November 22 at the Lowndes Shakespeare Center, Orlando.

“Steingraeber pianos are renowned for their craftsmanship and innovative design advancements that still continue today. They are the perfect pianos to showcase our accomplished competitors and performers,” says Ellen Hamilton, CEO and Founder of the FIPC. more...  



Further News

Parsifal bells from 1927 restored: In summer 2013, the Bayreuth piano manufacturer Steingraeber & Söhne restored the historic 1927 Parsifal bells. The bells are part of an original, grand-piano-like instrument from the Bayreuth Festival. More...

New video: Steingraeber News at Musikmesse Frankfurt: Steingraeber's innovations "Mozart Rail®", "Sordino®" and the honeycomb lid were presented at Musikmesse. The pianists Ratko Delorko and Jura Margulis explain these innovations by Steingraeber. More...

Aircraft in grand piano: Steingraeber again proved his innovative power! The piano manufacturers presented a Semi Concert Grand D-232 with the World’s lightest concert grand lid at Musikmesse trade fair 2014. Aircraft material leads to a reduction of weight (recently 50% less) and thus enhances the lid’s ability to swing. More...

Musicora Paris 2015: The music fair "Musicora" in Paris invited music lovers February 6-8. Steingraeber & Söhne exhibted in the booth of Pianos Nebout-Hamm. Sordino was in the focus of the concert on Sunday afternoon, when Jura Margulis presents this revival of an old tonality in the Auditorium "Boris Vian". More...

Zeit für Neue Musik 2015: Vom 12. bis 22. März erwartete die Besucher ein abwechslungsreiches und spannendes Programm in mehreren Locations. Neu in diesem Jahr war auch die Klaviernacht: Bis Mitternacht nahmen 3 Künstler das Publikum mit in völlig unterschiedliche pianistische Erlebnissphären. Mehr...

Exhibition "Golden Sounds in the Mystical Ground - Musical Instruments for Richard Wagner": From July 2014 to the beginning of 2015 Steingraeber together with Musikinstrumentenmuseum University Leipzig showed this great exhibition. More... Please read here the greeting words (German only) by Mrs. Eva Wagner-Pasquier, Head of the Bayreuth Richard Wagner Festival.

Great Concert in Paris: Ludmila Berlinkskaia and Arthur Ancelle played at Salle Cortot, November 12th. Thanks to our dealer Pianos Nebout.

New Steingraeber dealer in Düsseldorf, Germany: congrats to Mr. Michael Thron who opend the store "Pianovum" June 14th, 2014. 

Steingraeber with 9 pianos at the festival "Festwoche Alpenklassik 2014": The Festival in Bad Reichenhall (in the south of Germany), August 23rd-30th,  offered numerous concerts.

"Wenn drei aufeinander hören": Great concert at Hochschule für Musik Karlsruhe. Article in the newspaper "Badische Neueste Nachrichten" published.

Steingraeber in the Mendelssohn-Remise Berlin: "Klassik um Eins" was the name of a concert series by Hochschule für Musik „Hanns Eisler“ in cooperation with Mendelssohn-Gesellschaft e.V. The Steingraeber & Söhne grand piano C-212 was played.

"Mozart Pedal" with Pianissimo effect: World uniqueness: „Una Corda“ and „Half Blow“ in just 1 pedal.

Steingraeber at MTNA National Conference: Steingraeber & Söhne pianos exhibited at 2014th National Conference of the Music Teacher National Association in Chicago, IL. This national conference brought in around 2,000 independent and college faculty music teachers, music students and family members from across the USA.

Way Beyond Wagner: New Schedule is ready with 116 events at Steingraeber

The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra and a Steingraeber E-272

Steingraeber deepens cooperation with China - Steingraeber & Söhne to sign a cooperatgion agreement with Pearl River in Beijing

Management Rejuvenates at Steingraeber Factory - The torch passes from Wolfgang Schäffler to Alexander Kerstan

Music Fair Frankfurt 2012 - The New Salon Grand is Actually a Chamber Music Grand

WAGNER Music Fair Frankfurt 2012 - Steingraeber and the BMTG bring Richard Wagner to the Musikmesse

Wrapping Up a Successful Decade - The Bayreuth Piano Maker Steingraeber & Söhne is pleased with 2011
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