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Mozart rail: Play with reduced touch depth as in historic fortepianos



New features sometimes draw upon earlier versions or design features: by the Mozart Rail® (“blow”) (DGB 20 2014 003 845.7) key-depth in grand pianos is reduced to 8 mm, and hammer distance to the strings is shortened to 36 mm. This makes softer pppp playing possible, even in cases of faster repetition. George Steingraeber developed this pianissimo pedal for Engelbert Humperdinck in 1897.

Steingraeber & Söhne offers additional sound options, e.g. the Mozart Rail. With the Mozart Rail the instrument becomes faster and more ‚Mozart-like‘; the sound gets lighter and more silvery, but also more sustained. A hand operator enables continuous adjustment between 8,1 mm and ca. 10,2 mm touch depth prior to playing.

Ratko Delorko, concert pianist, says that such a function "is a fantastic solution. You can now do things that would be impossible on other grands!”


By a hand pedal situated at the bottom side the key-depth in grand pianos can be reduced to 8 mm, and hammer distance to the strings can be shortened to 36 mm. In the photo you can see the lock mechanism actuated and, thus, the key depth is reduced.



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