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What they say about the full sound of Steingraeber grands is also true of the upright pianos, and for good reason!

Model 130 is acoustically equivalent to a 160 cm (5 ft. 3 in.) baby grand, model 138 to a 180 cm (6-foot) salon grand piano. Thus, the 138 is the largest, most sonorous high-end upright on the market. They follow in the footsteps of Steingraeber’s grand pianos with respect to their widely variable response, differentiated tone quality, and transparency. Many people consider these models to be the overall standard of excellence, and both have been regular winners for over twenty years at the piano tests in Paris.

The smallest upright, model 122, is a classic with a specially designed, sympathetically vibrating secondary soundboard that makes for an extremely full sound. This model is in use as a stage piano at the Festspielhaus Bayreuth, at the Teatro alla Scala in Milan, and at numerous music conservatories. When compared with other top piano manufacturers, Steingraeber offers an unparalleled selection of alternative mechanisms for professional musicians.


Piano 138  


1         1

Model 138 has the acoustical dimension* of a salon grand piano of 180 cm (5’11’’)!  Conservatories, small halls, and even churches are using this upright replacing grands:
“Better a top-notch upright than a mediocre grand!”

* regarding the string-length and the sounding space.

Music University Zürich, Villa Marteau Master Class etc.


  • two alternative action systems: „classic“ or „SFM®“ for 1mm repetition point like grands (both Steingraeber-Renner parts) (SFM = Steingraeber-Ferro-Magnet)
  • wide range of modulation
  • differentiated and transparent tone quality
  • chamber music dampers for the single string sections (30 % more efficiency by ‘4-heads’)
  • perfect touch
        - fast-responding keys (20 % more upweight)
        - reliable mineral key tops and solid ebony avoid ‘aquaplaning’


  • chamber music dampers in the upper bass register for the bi-chords (+30% efficiency; in the lower section, the large dampers are our standard)
  • all veneers and colors available
  • also as 138 B (Baroque) available
  • electronic equipment e.g. Quiet Time
  • etc.


Piano 130  


1         1

With our most successful upright, Model 130, you are in effect buying a 160 cm (5’3”) baby grand.  Unique to the market, you have the choice of two touches by different actions:

- 130 T PS (Professional Studio) with accelerated repetition and sostenuto pedal
- 130 T SFM (Steingraeber-Ferro-Magnet-action) with a repetition point at 1-2 mm (=8-9 mm key depth like grand pianos)

Optional extra: chamber music dampers in the bass register (+ 30% efficiency)

This model was awarded the ‘world’s best’ prize for uprights in Paris. It is often chosen by music conservatories over factory-produced, studio grands, because it is technically their equal and has superior flexibility of sound.  Available upon request with stronger dampening for chamber music; also in Models 130 T PS Professional Studio, K Classic and B Baroque, among others.    


Piano 122  


1         1

Model 122 is ideal for home concerts, study and serious music-making.  This model has been used on the stage of the Bayreuth Festival Theater for decades.  A particularly special feature is its auxiliary soundboard, providing for color enrichment and projection in the middle register. It is available as Models 122 S Studio, T Tradition, K Classic, and B Baroque.    

Opera version "122 T Opera"

See information here.

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