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    Piano 122 T "Opera"


Played in Bayreuth Festspielhaus - Milan's La Scala - Malmö Opera and many others. See details here




130 PS Liszt Piano with Twist & Change "Bagatelle sans tonalité"


    1                  1 

                                130 PS Liszt piano cheek-block               130 PS Liszt piano music desk


Twist & Change

130 PS, quillted maple 

130 PS, wenge with birds-eye maple 


oak black with maple






french walnut crotch
east indian rosewood





 1  1  1
  santos rosewood   eucalyptus



  1  1
  ash burl   Makassar   french walnut



130 P Post Modern



Ecological pianos for people with allergies and for disabled pianists in wheelchairs

Piano playing is definitely for everyone!1

Thanks to our invention, disabled persons in wheelchairs can play both main pedals on our pianos (DGBM 30074.8).  Electromagnets control the pedal functions as follows:  The soft pedal is activated by touching a switch that runs the length of the lock-rail.  And the forte pedal is activated via pressure on a cushion resting against the pianist’s back.  Please see the small photo.  Other solutions are also possible.

Model 130 K in pyramidal mahogany, shown below, was created in response to a customer’s request, and left open at the bottom so that she could bring her wheelchair closer in to the keyboard.       1

Persons suffering from allergies require our special attention in an entirely different way.  We are able to arrange for all materials used to conform to your specifications and those of your doctor.  These can also be tested upon request.

1Biologically pure means special workmanship right from the start!  Only natural lacquers and glues are used in the cabinet and in the acoustic layout, as well as on the frame.  The wood is not chemically treated and the keys are overlaid with bone.  These models have bypassed the Industrial Revolution in every respect, with the exception of the action.130 K Pyramidenmahagoni wurde auf Wunsch einer Kundin unten offen gestaltet, um näher mit dem Rollstuhl anfahren zu können.


  shapes of furniture

K – Classic


Columns, capitals and pilasters are fashioned as if by an architect.  Small grooves and curves give this timeless model its elegance.

Standard for Piano 138. 



T - Tradition

1The lines of this cabinet are clearly Classical. 

Standard for Pianos 130 and 122. 



B- Barock

This model is based on the design of a 19th-c. Steingraeber.  Stylistic details have been carefully adhered to, whether it be the shaped edges or veneer of the frame, the wood-turning work, the grooves in the solid precious wood, or the carving in the upper frame:  All of these are genuine.



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