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1Steingraeber & Söhne is constantly optimizing design and materials. Wolfgang Schäffler (left) and Lothar Thomma, two of over 30 innovative staff members of Steingraeber.






    The Mozart Rail ®


Play with reduced touch depth – as in historic fortepianos. Use the kneelever while playing or the lock mechanism (see photo) prior to playing. More...


Aircraft in Grand Piano


Steingraeber again proved his innovative power! The clever piano manufacturers from Bayreuth presented a Semi Concert Grand D-232 with the World’s lightest concert grand lid at Musikmesse trade fair 2014.
See a cross section of the concert grand lid here.


The Sordino Pedal ®

Dank dünnem Filz kann der hammer normal auslösen (Foto: Steingraeber & Söhne)

Steingraeber & Söhne now offers a new pedal for an old purpose: the ideal sound! A project of Prof. Jura Margulis und Steingraeber & Sons Bayreuth. More...

1Martha Argerich was fascinated by Sordino when played at Lugano in 2014: "...The sound of the piano increased in colour and capacity - a desire of every pianist."






Una corda and half blow in 1 pedal


World uniqueness: Una corda and half-blow in just 1 pedal. 



PHOENIX: Enriching the classic piano technology



A system by Mr. Richard Dain, Hurstwood Farm Pianos, England. More...



The Steingraeber-Ferro-Magnet Action (SFM) ®


Magnetic fallback without jack springs

Actions of grand pianos and upright pianos are totally different. Actions in grand pianos, for example, allow quick repetitions. The SFM action offers the ergonomic qualities of grand piano mechanisms in upright pianos. More...



Carbon fibre sound boards 


Carbon fibre is climate resistant, extremely dynamic and almost permanently stable

This wood substitute is ideal in extreme climates, e.g., on board ships or in the desert. Richard Dain developed the raw material, Steingraeber & Sons the processing technology and acoustic installation with three options. More...


Salon Grand Piano B-192



B-192 - A New Standard for Salon Grands

In honour of the Liszt Anniversary, Steingraeber & Söhne unveiled a new 192 cm (6’3”) grand at the 2011 Bayreuth Festival. It is closely modeled on the Steingraeber Liszt grand, which is to say the C-212 and its predecessor, the 1873 Eduard Steingraeber 200. More...

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